Hi, I’m Danny. I’m a commercial lifestyle photographer and digital designer from Dublin, Ireland.

As a photo-creator and storyteller I have travelled around the world with my camera in hand trying to capture the essence of the places I go. My photography focuses mainly on travel, adventure and urban landscapes but I also photograph people and products and would love to work with you! Get in touch to collaborate.

I’m at my happiest when hiking up mountains, swimming in tropical waterfalls, trekking through jungles or exploring new cities. To document my travels I post regularly on Instagram where you can keep up with my adventures, follow me there @dannywatchorn.

Through my photography and stories I hope to inspire and motivate people to break free from the norm. Get outdoors, explore and experience the world we live in and everything it has to offer. We are fortunate to live in a world full of options and opportunities, it’s just about finding a way to make them a reality.